ECO-Block Insulated Concrete Form

ECO-Block Insulated Concrete Form

The Best Form For Any Function

ECO-Block is the superior Insulating Concrete Form (ICF). It’s simpler than other ICF systems, taking less time to learn. It’s faster than the rest, requiring less time for each job and keeping more money in your pocket. And it’s better, because ECO-Block makes it easier to get your project done right the first time.

The power of ECO-Block resides in its sheer simplicity. Simply put, it’s easier to work with than other ICFs, giving you unlimited design flexibility. And training is a snap. The webs, the panels, the connectors — the system is easy to grasp. ECO-Block utilizes fewer and more versatile components. Using one crew, you can build from the footing to the roofline, without the need of furring or insulation contractors.

Simplicity fosters versatility. You can quickly assemble walls of virtually any thickness, from 4” on up in 2” increments. Got a saw? ECO-Block cuts easily into any shape you need — perfect for unique window openings and arches. And any exterior or interior finish can be directly applied to the panels. With Universal Buck, there are no limitations on design.

Five great reasons why you should build with ECO-Block ICFs:

  1. Superior Product: ECO-Block structures are disaster-resistant, better able to withstand tornadoes, hurricanes, fires and earthquakes. Plus, the end product offers energy savings of up to 50 percent. Its insulated walls dramatically reduce outside noise pollution, making the buildings very quiet.
  2. Increased Business: Consumers are driving ECO-Block’s popularity. Happier customers take pride in ownership and willingly give referrals. We constantly hear this story from builders who use ECO-Block.
  3. Industry Recognition: Builders who use ECO-Block stand apart from the competition and are recognized as being at the leading edge of new construction technology.
  4. Profitability: Builders can profit by offering ECO-Block as an upgrade from other materials and eliminate the need for callbacks on exterior walls.
  5. Reduced Labor Costs: Depending on the project, teams typically require one crew leader and three laborers to build with ECO-Block, eliminating the need to depend on both foundation and framing subcontractors.

The System

Eco-Block leads the ICF industry in research and development. The company’s improvements, products and services are ongoing.

The ECO-Block wall system is modular, with one standard-size expanded polystyrene shell (EPS) side panel used for concrete walls that are 4” thick on up in 2” increments.

The expanded polystyrene allows builders to pour concrete in extreme weather conditions — hot, cold, dry or wet. It provides an insulated environment for the concrete to set, allowing maximum strength. The EPS insulation easily cuts to conceal plumbing and electrical lines. Any standard exterior or interior finish can be applied, including panel and lap siding, brick, stone or stucco.

ECO-Block adapts to just about any construction method, including the following examples:

  • Multi-Story Buildings: Using a combination of the various-size ECO-Block dimensions, multi-story buildings can be completed with ease.
  • Tilt-up Walls: Using one side panel, tilt-up walls can be constructed that have insulation and furring on one side with no additional work (see project gallery).
  • Footings: Using “splice connectors,” footings can be easily constructed (see project gallery).

ECO-Block installers are ready nationwide. Want to become one? Click here to learn more about ECO-Block’s professional training courses.

ECO-Block walls, unlike wood, won't burn down.